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December 15, 2004

Fish-eating anemone, Urticina piscivora, Gopher rockfish, Sebastes carnatus, California hydrocoral, Stylaster californicus
Fish-eating anemone (Urticina piscivora) and gopher rockfish (Sebastes
carnatus) under California hydrocoral (Stylaster californicus.

    "Forgotten Pinnacle", Carmel Bay, California
    December 15, 2004

Vermilion rockfish, Sebastes miniatus, Zoanthid anemone
In areas frequented by spearfishmen, vermilion rockfish (Sebastes
miniatus) are exceptionally wary of divers.  However, this animal, living in
a remote area and at depth just shallower than the limits of recreational
diving, enthusiastically greets human visitors.Red light is lost quickly at
depth. The coloring of this animal, while striking near the surface, is
effective camouflage in deeper waters.

    "Kawika's Kone", Big Sur, California
    December 15, 2004

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