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January 28, 2007

Club-tipped anemone, Corynactus californica, Giant plumed anemone, Metridium farcimen, California hydrocoral, Stylaster californicus
Up or down? Having been quite disappointed by Canon's 15mm fisheye lens, I
picked up Sigma's version. So far, it looks like the new toy adapts to
underwater life much better than does the Canon. I suspect there will be a used
Canon fisheye going up for sale on eBay soon. This shot contains nothing more
than the usual Carmel Bay subjects: California hydrocoral (Stylaster
californicus), Corynactis californica, and Metridium farcimen.
However, I like it because of the lighting -- actually, the lack of lighting in
the bottom of the shot and that the Metridiums don't seem to need any
illumination to show up just as saliently as they always do. It almost seems
like the bottom of the shot is some sinister complement to the heavenly blue
water at the top. I suspect this picture wouldn't have been nearly as successful
if taken on a day when Carmel Bay's water was its more usual green.

    "Outer Pinnacles", Carmel Bay, California
    January 28, 2007

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