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Little Sur Pinnacle

A needle-like spire starting in a depth well in excess of 100 ft. and projecting to within 30 ft of the surface, Little Sur Pinnacle boasts fantastic colors, a massive school of blue rockfish, and even a small grove of Macrocystis. A large cleft in the rock is blanketed in Corynactis on one wall and yellow zoanthids on the other. Visitors may be greeted by one of the resident sheephead, at least one of which has fully reached terminal phase. Anchorage here can be something of a trick as it's a short drag to very deep water from any point on the top of the rock.

Gopher rockfish, Sebastes carnatus, China rockfish, Sebastes nebulosus, Club-tipped anemone, Corynactus californica
Gohper (Sebastes carnatus) and China (Sebastes nebulosus) rockfish
resting in a colorful crevice.

    "Little Sur Pinnacle", Big Sur, California
    June 25, 2005

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