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Local's Ledge

Thetys vagina
This is one of Monterey's more common pelagic salps. If you know your Latin,
you'll likely understand how this animal's mouth-like orifice lead to it's name.
Members of the greater population, however, usually find that their first
encounter with Thetys vagina leaves them with a raised eyebrow or two. I
suspect most people arriving at this page via Google are more than a little

    "Local's Ledge", Carmel Bay, California
    November 19, 2006

California sea lion, Zalophus californianus
A california sea lion (Zalophus californianus) and a late afternoon sun.

    "Local's Ledge", Carmel Bay, California
    November 19, 2006

Gopher rockfish, Sebastes carnatus, California hydrocoral, Stylaster californicus
A gopher rockfish (Sebastes carnatus) followed me around with the
expectation that I'd stir up something good to eat. This common fish behahvior
always gives me pause. One wonders if the fish would follow any large animal or
if one has given it reason to beleive one will be crashing in to things. A sure
way to stop such an unwanted shadow is to point a camera at it. This fish was
quick to dart into some California hydrocoral (Stylaster californicus).

    "Local's Ledge", Carmel Bay, California
    September 30, 2006

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